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The [IT] Stig?

Andy Aitken in his normal working attire.


Catastrophic Failure

Andy Aitken, a guy I work with, evidently abused his copy of Visual Studio 2008 to breaking point and got this message in return. Hats off.


UPDATE: It turns out that a week later I too rose to the dizzy heights of Aitken’s abuse:


Flip-flops, Beer, and a Bottle Opener

I bought got my brother to buy some flip-flops at the weekend. Check them out:


And guess what is located on the sole of the them? That’s right, a bottle opener. One per flip-flop:


Now I just need a beer. And a holiday…

Hard Drive Weight Increasing?

Possibly the funniest technical question I’ve seen posted on a technical message board. Ever. Worth a look and you’re guaranteed a laugh.