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Telephones and 24 (the TV series)

Having watched 24 (the TV series), I have always wanted a Cisco phone that would ring with the same ringtone as used by CTU. To get the ringtone onto the phones I needed to enable the TFTP server on the router and edit the ringlist.xml file as so:

        <DisplayName>CTU 24</DisplayName>

Having tried to follow the Cisco guidelines to create the ringtone myself (unsuccessfully – it kept skipping and not repeating itself correctly), I stumbled upon a site that allowed me to download a ringtone that worked. When I copied the ringtone to my router and reset the phones then I was in business.

Below are some images of my Cisco 7912G phone hooked up to Unified CallManager Express running on my Cisco 2801 router.


Logged on to Cisco Unified CallManager Express, power suppiled via PoE.


Selection of the CTU 24 ringtone from the settings menu.